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Country Store & Farm

  • Country Store & Farm

    Country Store & Farm

    We are thrilled to be working with The Country Store and Farm. The Country Store has been doing business on Vashon for 50 years. A year ago, owner Vy Biel handed the reins over to her son Mike who was faced with a decision: close the store or invest in change to make it competitive in the current marketplace. Mike chose the latter route and has hired us to bring the store into the twenty first century as a serious contender.
    One of the greatest challenges is to market the many products and services provided at the store in an integrated package: from shipping, to dry cleaning services, to animal feed, gardening supplies, plants, housewares, clothing, etc.
    This requires a comprehensive well-integrated and targeted marketing plan that includes:
    • Re-branding with a new logo
    • Defining a mission, purpose and customer profile
    • Creating a new, consistent look in print advertising
    • Consulting on a new store layout
    • Consulting fazing out and introduction of new products that better fit the brand
    • Generating ideas to draw traffic to the store
    • Designing branded clothing items
    • Establishing a presence on social media
    • Generating press
    • Creating a new website designed to become a profit center as well as driving traffic to the store itself
    We are branding the store as a “destination” both on Vashon and on the Internet in their soon-to-be-launched new website. To date, the store has hosted super successful free workshops about raising chickens and container gardening; workshops that have helped to draw new customers into the store. Vashon had a need for a public meeting space so work is under way to create one at the store free to non-profits. This will bring new customers into the store.
    Our integrated marketing work with The Country Store & Farm began in mid-March and Mike reports that he has already seen a tremendous increase in sales. Due to our Public Relations work, the store was featured in a front-page story of the Vashon Beachcomber newspaper as well as a three page spread in the local tourist magazine, Destination Vashon.
    We’ll keep you updated on their progress in future posts.

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