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Do It Yourself Doesn’t Mean Do it Your Best

  • Do It Yourself Doesn’t Mean Do it Your Best

    Do It Yourself Doesn’t Mean Do it Your Best

    In order to fully maximize marketing potential, retailers need to do a lot more than spruce up their physical storefront. An internet presence is not only an expected entity for any viable business, it also opens a door to a world of customers. With all of the “do it yourself” web building software available, it seems that more businesses are jumping into the online retail game. But, how are they doing?


    A successful retail website should project an essence of the physical place while making an impression in a digital space. It needs to generate action without interaction.  Being able to “build your own” website, doesn’t promise a successful one. It’s a tricky undertaking to accomplish both successfully, one that requires a professional touch.


    The Country Store & Farm asked us to take their existing website and turn it into a vibrant on-line presence that 1) increases online sales and 2) drives customers into the store.


    We worked with our client to make certain that the overriding branding (marketing message and image) we worked hard to create in the remodel of their print advertising and marketing tools, was consistent in their on-line presence. To underscore what makes their “physical” store so special, we came up with a verbal theme for their “virtual” store: Practical Quality. Timeless Tradition. This would be the driving mantra of the site rebuild, both in regards to content and design. A list of over a thousand products needed to be scrutinized, if they didn’t meet the requirement of practical quality or timeless tradition, they were cut.


    Similarly, the look of the site needed to project practical quality and timeless tradition while coming across as an active and vibrant storefront. To achieve this, we created “Staff Picks” (with staff commentary), a “Staff Tips” blog, and a live Twitter feed; all updated regularly. The prominent home page image is one that revolves between beautifully rich photographs that capture the essence of what makes The Country Store & Farm a destination. Each section of the site carries through this theme with page headers that feature rich photography and copy.


    The usual elements of a successful on-line commerce site are present, but with some extra bells and whistles. Images tell the story along with words. Content is meant to entice those within driving distance to come and visit the store; establishing The Country Store & Farm as a destination to be experienced.


    Finally, and critically to compete today, the site adapts seamlessly to any device, just as visually appealing and easy to navigate on a mobile phone as it is on computer. And, any Google analytics that were achieved with the former site, were transferred over so as to avoid any losses in hard-earned search engine prioritization.


    As with any on-line retail store, this website will continually evolve as products and seasons change. Visit the site and experience our work first hand.



    The home page BEFORE and AFTER:   Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 2.09.46 PM


    Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 1.08.44 PM

















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