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Do Newsletters Work?

  • Do Newsletters Work?

    Do Newsletters Work?

    Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.16.50 PMYou bet they do. If done correctly.


    There are many steps to the process of obtaining and retaining a newsletter list. But, if managed correctly, your time investment will pay off in dividends.


    The first step is gathering a list of recipients that want to receive a newsletter. We suggest that our retail clients place a sign-up list at the point of sale and the results are amazing. In this day and age of junk email you’d be amazed at how many customers actually elect to hear from a retailer. The key is the frequency and quality of the correspondence. And, of course, what’s in it for them to open and read your newsletter.


    We recommend that our clients publish a newsletter no more than twice a month. When a customer signs up for a newsletter, you enter into an unwritten contract with them. Each communication needs to resonate with a tone of respect that says, “You’ve entrusted us with your email address and taken the time to open up our newsletter, in return for the value of your time and trust we promise to send you only the highest quality of communication that provides value to you as a customer.”


    Successful newsletters are well written, grammatically correct, concise, visually appealing and provide a direct benefit to the recipient. Ideally, an offer unique to those who read the correspondence; a coupon code redeemable via on-line shopping or in the store.


    Remember, obtaining newsletter recipients is the easy part. Retaining them is the challenge and, as in life, the filter should be the Golden Rule as it applies to email: Send others what you would want to receive.


    Click here to see a recent communication we sent on behalf of The Country Store & Farm. The result was a weekend of sales that far surpassed their expectations.


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