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Marketing & PR

Guide them to your brand™

Great marketing is sales disguised as a benefit. What’s in it for your target audience? Why should they care? We’ll make yours the bright light that stands out amidst a world filled with dim marketing.
We specialize in all aspects and stages of marketing. Whether you are at the very beginning of creating a brand for your product or service or needing to redefine your image after years in the marketplace. We can help you create a marketing plan, define objectives, identify markets, and draw up a plan for targeting those markets. But, we don’t mess around. You hire us to generate sales. Our bottom line is improving your bottom line.

Social Media

The cocktail party of marketing

This is a world driven by relationships and social media has presented the ultimate opportunity to engage with your audience one-on-one. You don’t need to be at every party, you just need to know the party that your “A list” is attending.
You may be tired of hearing about the importance of social media. Perhaps you’re a hold out or a non-believer, but everything you hear is correct: social media is a critical part of any successful marketing strategy. You have been handed a free way to directly interact with your target market in a venue that they’ve elected to participate in. We take the mystery out and put the strategy in to all your social marketing. You don’t need to attend every party; we'll make you the belle of the ball at the RIGHT parties.


Effective design speaks volumes

Great marketing engages your audience on multiple levels at the same time. Whether it’s striking visuals to engage the consumer or branded internal communications, we specialize in fully integrated design that communicates with clarity.
Whether you need to re-position your brand, start from scratch or create a new logo, Rauma Associates works with some of Seattle's leading designers. We cover all aspects of identity development and how that brand reaches out to everything it touches - traditional, digital and social media.


Words drive your message

If there’s been one constant in marketing throughout the passage of time, it’s this: you don’t need a lot of words to get your point across, just the right words. Now, in this information-saturated world, this is more important than ever before.
It’s not what you say, but what you don’t say that defines powerful content. Too much information is deadly to your message, so we edit, edit, edit. Boil down the message to its core. That’s when you get through to your customer and make your product or service rise above the competition.

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