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Marketing isn’t scary, it’s fun. Call us crazy, but it’s true. We love it. And, you know what they say about people who do what they love.
Very simply put, we operate from a mantra that we aren’t helping you market; we are helping you help others. Whether you are “selling” a product or service, you are doing so to enhance someone’s life. They aren’t doing you a favor; you are doing them a favor. When you approach marketing this way it shifts from something abstract and intimidating, into something tangible and exciting.


Well, of course, our mission is to make you wildly successful! But it goes much deeper than that.  
We generate a relationship between you, your brand and your target audience that builds recognition, revenue and loyalty. This starts by collaborating with clarity and respect, and we only take on projects we believe in. We’ll roll up our sleeves to understand the nuts and bolts of your business - the successes and the edges for growth - then, we do the hard work so you don’t have to. From this process, we will craft a marketing approach that creates an emotional connection between you and your customers. When that relationship is forged, wild success is just around the corner.

Mary Kay and her Team

mkcolorMary Kay has over 25 years industry experience “selling” products, services and messages.  From large corporations, small mom and pops to non-profits, she has a proven track record of success and a trail of happy clients.

She has launched multiple products for Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, produced live broadcasts around the world for ABC radio and live television for NBC. She has worked in all communication mediums: film, television, radio, print and digital and has that rare blend of experience of having worked both sides of the marketing fence. From crafting brands and marketing messages as an advertising executive to weeding out stories that sell as a network producer.
Mary Kay is the hub of an exceptional team that she tailors specifically to the needs of your project. She is an excellent project manager who will keep your project focused, on task, on budget, on time with energy and professionalism.

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